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Hand-made Pura Vida
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$7/ bracelet

Free local delivery (30 min drive from UTHSC)


at a Glance

BCM (formerly BSU) has been on-campus at UTHSC since the late 1950's. We are committed to being a student-led ministry pointing busy professional students to Jesus. Our prayer is that all UTHSC students and faculty will know Jesus, grow in their faith, and show others the greatness of the Gospel with their words and lives.

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Discipleship IRL

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to grow in your faith in this season. We've spent the last several years developing a discipleship strategy that is specifically designed for this busy season. Let us help you develop a realistic strategy to grow in your faith during your time at UTHSC.



Every summer (when there's not a pandemic) we travel to Ecuador to partner with local churches and missionaries to provide dental and other medical care. Students provide the care at both on-site and remote clinics, participate in group debriefings and devotions, and get to sample culture through food and souvenirs.


Local Church Partners

There are a ton of great local churches in the Memphis area! Being actively involved in a local church is the best option for your pursuit of Christ during professional school. Let us help you find the church where you belong during this season.


Diana Hyunh, COD 2019

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